Philadelphia Couples Photographer | In-home Couples Session | Fishtown

In-home couples session

When Melissa + Azim told us they wanted us to come photograph them at home cooking, we were so stokedddd. Hell yesssss. It was perfect - getting to capture their love for each other and their love for cooking was amazing. Add in some tequila and a beautiful little walk through Fishtown and you got yourself a bad ass couples session. 

Melissa -- "We met thanks to Instagram. We actually went to college together but never crossed paths until ten years later when Azim was traveling abroad in Thailand during winter break, and I happened to comment on one of his Instagram stories featuring some Tom Yum soup he was having. We were messaging back and forth every day for a week, learning more about each other halfway across the world from one another. He came back to Philly and surprised me after that week at my Femme & Fortune relaunch party, and the rest they say is history."

"The whole shoot made me feel really connected to Azim. Something about seeing the way he was looking at me the whole time made me feel really safe and secure - and it shows in the photos! I'm so in love with the photos - I love the different angles and moments you caught us in and how intimate they look. Looking at the photos gives me those butterfly-in-the-stomach feels I felt from when we first started talking - you know, that excitement you get when something new is brewing and you're hoping it turns out into something real. Well it did, and it's so incredible to see how far we've come together as partners, lovers, and best friends through these photos."


Getting photos taken together is magical. It brings you closer to your partner - especially when you're both open and willing to sink into the poses and into each other - your hearts, your souls. It's so special. We want to photograph you and your love.